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Are you looking for the best brass chime products? We have found some of the best out there. You will be able to find any type of product, whether it is an old classic or a new trend. All of these are top quality and affordable.

Stanwood Wind Sculpture – Brass and Copper Wind Chime


  • Pure Copper and Brass
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Makes Rich and Beautiful Sounds
  • Overall Length 27″: Longest Tube Measures 15″.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Woodstock Chimes Signature Collection, Woodstock Temple Bells, Quintet (32”) Brass, Wind Bells for Outdoor, Patio, Home or Garden Décor (TB5)


  • MUSICALLY TUNED: Inspired by ancient Chinese bells, this bell works in harmony with the wind to create a gentle, restful tone; lifetime tuning guarantee
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 32-inches in overall length – total hanging length is measured from top of gather ring to bottom of wind catcher
  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED: Features 5 polished brass bells that will not rust when exposed to the elements; removable windcatcher can be taken to a personalization store, trophy shop, printer or jeweler to be engraved or silk-screened
  • A SYMBOL OF GOOD LUCK & PROSPERITY: In the Far East, bells are suspended in homes and temples ward off evil and attract good luck and prosperity; Place these wind bells anywhere inside or out to protect you and to create peaceful bell songs
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Created by Grammy award-winning musician and instrument designer Garry Kvistad, Woodstock Chimes offers a unique variety of high quality, affordable chimes, gongs, musical instruments and more that inspire, entertain and bring pleasure to people of all ages

Siddhivinayak Overseas Iron Wrought Bell Chime Handmade Brass Finish Wall Hanging Rope 4 Bell


  • Consists of 4 cow bells
  • It has a rope attached to bells to give complete raw and exotic feeling
  • Rustic antique brass finish
  • Rare and amazing
  • Amaze your guests

Buy the brass chime products with features you want

What if I told you, it’s possible to find out all the features of a brass chime product without reading through pages and pages of description text?   

This is because there are two ways to find out more about a product: read reviews on sites or ask for advice from family and friends.

a. Reviews can be found by clicking on “customer reviews” at the end of every product page. If you’re looking for an honest opinion from someone who has tried the brass chime product before, check those reviews first!

b. Family and friends are often your best source for honest feedback as they have nothing to gain or lose from giving you their opinion. You may also want to consider asking them what products they’ve used in the past might work.

Solutions on finding products with your wanted feature:

The first step is to search for a brass chime item with the specific feature your customer needs in order to make sure it has what they need. Next, compare the items side by side and see which one would be best for them.

xiulin Feng Shui Six Tubes Brass Wind Chimes Eight Diagrams of Wind Bell Felicitous Wish of Making Money Bless and Protect People Home Furnishing Handicraft Lucky red String Set


  • Known as the root cause of the disaster, the five loess kill is called calm, and the six tubes wind chimes of Feng Shui’s. Please install the entrance doors and windows. It is said that hanging in the living room, bedroom, porch and so on will bring a peaceful life.
  • Fengshui ancient money has “lucky inheritance from ancient times”. It is said that in addition to the power to attract property, there is also the power to “let families and the workplace live in harmony” and “enhance luck”.
  • The characters engraved on the ancient feng shui coins are the auspicious characters of “inviting money to advance” (inviting money to increase treasures) on one side. On the back, the characters make all-round Qi stable and become the “Eight Diagrams” of praying for peace and security.
  • [about the decoration of Fengshui six tubes chimes] Entrance, door and window installation, please. Use the six tones of wind chimes to sink into the calamity and call for fortune and fortune.
  • Overall size: 9.5inch, Copper (brass) system

Brass Chime Candlestick Candle Holder for 1/2″ Diamater Candles


  • For use with 1/2″ diameter candles
  • Made of solid brass

As for Laptop Screen Protectors, the manufacturer of every product must be carefully selected, and there must also be a good warranty. These brass chime products have to give customers a lot of information about their use of the product.

Do not buy any product that does not say the quality of the raw material used in its production. Some brass chime products may contradict the instructions mentioned on each page.

The customer will not buy such a product from your company trouble. This is an example of product details that need to be cared for by customer service. We hope you have learned something from our awesome selection of product details.

All the brass chime products have a detailed description, which helps you better understand their functions, features and benefits. It is very important that consumers read product details because they indicate the quality of the product and how well it will work for you.


YLYYCC Bird Nest Wind Chime, Bird Bells Chimes with Brass Tubes Wind Chimes for Mother’s Love Gift, Garden Backyard Church Hanging Decor


  • ♬ ☛ AWESOME DESIGN ☚ In the bronze resin bird’s nest, the mother bird is caring about her two babies who are waiting to be fed, which perfectly explains “Mom is the greatest person in the world!” Putting this wind chime at home can not only RECORD THE GOOD TIME BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR MOTHER, but also always BRING YOU THE BEST AND SWEETEST MEMORIES.
  • ♬ ☛ PERFECT WORKMANSHIP ☚ The hand-tuned aluminum tube is anodized in a shallow bronze bath, and it will emit a beautiful and crisp NATURAL SOUND with the breeze; the warm light reflects from the wind catcher, making the long and straight pipe and the drop-shaped wind catcher complement each other, creating an ELEGANT APPEARANCE.
  • ♬ ☛ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS ☚ Refined from high-quality materials, it adds special elements to gardens with patina finish, unique hue and outstanding appearance; nylon braided rope structure is STURDY AND DURABLE, EASY TO CLEAN, not easy to rust or fading, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful melody for years.
  • ♬ ☛ EASY TO INSTALL ☚ The wind chime has an “S”-SHAPED HOOK and is fixed with a high-strength nylon rope. It can not only be used as an ornament to decorate your garden/yard/balcony/window/corridor/entertainment places,but also increase the vitality of music for these places; it is also suitable for DECORATING GIRLS’ BEDROOMS, CHILDREN’S BEDROOMS, LIVING ROOMS, WINDOWS, GARDENS, TERRACES and any place that needs to add a beautiful melody to the environment.
  • ♬ ☛ BEST CHOICE FOR GIFT ☚ Our Bird’s Nest Musical Wind Chime is a symbol of remembrance, representing wishes for good things. It can be a yearning for a loved one, a blessing to a lover, or a sustenance to the festival. It is also a beautiful gift for MOTHER’S DAY, CHRISTMAS, THANKSGIVING, BIRTHDAYS AND HOLIDAYS, etc.

It’s important to find the brass chime product that has the functions you need

It might not feel great at first, but in the long run, it will be worth your while! The brass chime product with the best functions is a great investment. You can’t go wrong when you buy something that provides these much-needed features!

When it comes to buying a brass chime product, you want the best functions for your money.

A common mistake that many people make is only looking at price tags and neglecting other important things like quality assurance or customer service when making their selection.

The best way to buy a brass chime product is by figuring out what it’s going to do for you. Take time researching and figure out which functions are most important in your life, then choose the one with those features!

Butterfly Wind Chimes Brass Wind Chime Sympathy Wind Chimes Outdoor Gifts for Mom Gift Windchime Garden Windchimes Decorations Outdoor Patio Decorations with S Hook Indoor and Outdoor.


  • 【MEANING OF WIND CHIME 】Wind Chime is a mascot, making it magic and easy to get love, safety, happiness, health and peace. It also symbolizes wealth. The sweet and inviting sound of wind chimes will make you happy and leisure. At the same time, a wind chime symbolizes good wishes, love, safety, health, happiness and joy. For special people,it is a best memorial gift.
  • 【 UNIQUE DESIGN 】 butterfly wind chimes, pure hand-made with a strong metal top, 4 bronze durable aluminum tubes, 15 small lucky beads, 1 big lucky bead. Each metal tube has its own unique tone when it collides.Made of aluminum, it provides beautiful and harmonious sound, and brings clear and pleasant ring to anywhere.Listening to beautiful music in the breeze makes you very relaxed and comfortable.
  • 【EXCELLENT QUALITY 】butterfly wind chimes are made of high quality aluminum and durable nylon braided rope. The structure is sturdy and durable, waterproof and windproof. Easy to clean, dustproof and waterproof, not easy to rust or fade,and it can be used for a long time.The resonance time of wind chimes made of aluminum are longer than others, and it is easy to install, bringing a lasting beauty of music.
  • 【BEAUTIFUL HOME DECORATION 】Light weighted and easy to hang. If the garden in your mind is becoming dull and trivial, our wind chimes are able to offer your garden/yard/balcony/window/corridor/entertainment venue a vibrant place. it can be used to decorate girls’ bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, living rooms, windows, gardens, terraces and any places needed to add beautiful melody to the environment.
  • 【SYMPATHY GIFT 】The grace wind chime is not only the best gift for mom, family, friends, girls and your house, garden . child’s birthday,mother’s birthday, or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,Thanksgiving Day,Valentine’s Day and Christmas ,birthday gifts for mom,garden gifts for mom, birthday gifts for women,mom’s gift,wedding gifts.

A Brass Band In African Chimes (Extended Version)


    Newhouse Hardware BT2BL Lighted Doorbell Button, 1-Pack, Brass


    • Lighted surface mounted door bell button makes it easier to locate after dark
    • Plastic wired doorbell button with rectangular plastic housing
    • Drilling may not be required if you are replacing an existing button
    • Will work with almost any doorbell transformer and wired chimes
    • Door bell push button may be used on stucco and wood surfaces
    • PLEASE NOTE: A diode is needed (not included) if you are using a digital chime (plays a melody; has a speaker for the sound). A diode is not needed is you are using a mechanical chime (2-Note sound; has a small mallet hitting a metal bar for the sound).

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