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Dressing Retention Tape, Non Woven Tape, 4in x 11yd  Wound Dressing Tape Adhesive Cloth Tape Comfortable to The Body, with Easy Release, by Healqu


    Non-Woven Wound Dressing Retention Tape – 2” X 10.94yards (Pack of 2) Latex-Free Breathable Cover Roll Stretch Adhesive Bandages Fabric Cloth Medical Tapes First Aid Soft Secure Primary Dressings


    • CUTTABLE INTO SIZE: Mediplex non-woven stretch bandage is designed with 1*1cm grid lines on the back paper so that it can be cut to size to secure virtually any dressing. This cover roll tape stretches, bends, and flexes as you move. Used for medical tubing, diabetic glucose pumps, or secondary dressing gel pads and gauze.
    • BREATHABLE STRETCH BANDAGE TAPE: Made of a soft, stretchable non-woven fabric that adapts well to body contours. Strongly sticky, simple to use, and has nice air permeability, feeling comfortable on the skin.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG ADHESIVE: It adheres well to body contours such as knees and elbows, and provides light retention without constriction or congestion. You can put a piece of gauze on the wound and then fix it with tape, it can also protect your body when you doing sports.
    • SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: High performance latex-free, pain-free, and non-irritating adhesive can be easily and gently removed without damaging the skin, leaving no residue. Our Medical tape (Surgical tape) is suitable for all skin types.
    • 3 DIFFERENT SIZE OPTIONS: 2” X 10.94 yards | 4” X 10.94 yards | 6” X 10.94 yards | Made in Korea | This first aid tape has been sold in thousands of drugstores for many years in South Korea!

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    Dimora Silicone Wound Contact Layer, Transparent Wound Dressing Pads, 3in x 4in (7.5cm x 10cm), 10 pcs


    • Gently tack, one side adhesive, Minimizes pain and trauma when dressing changing.
    • Transparent for easy wound inspection during application and wearing.
    • Perforated structure that allows exudate to pass through into a secondary absorbent dressing.
    • Conforms well to body contours, promoting patient comfort during wearing
    • Isolation Purpose- Prevent the secondary dressing from sticking to the wound, reduce the pain and second trauma caused by changing the dressing. No residues, and Low sensitization.

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    I’m not just trying to sell them here but it’s true, they really are the best. All selected fabric cloth adhesive wound dressing fixation products here have nearly five-star reviews on Amazon and every other review site out there!

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    Triad Hydrophilic Wound Dressing, Sterile, Zinc-Oxide Based, 6 Oz. 1967 (1 Each)


    • For light to moderate levels of exudate
    • Helps maintain a moist healing environment
    • Indicated for difficult to dress areas
    • Autolytic action loosens dried eschar to help its removal process
    • Zinc oxide based.Sterile. One 6 ounce tube.

    Med PRIDE 4inch x 4inch Bordered Gauze-Island Dressing| 25 Pack-Individually Packed Pouches| Wound Dressing with Adhesive, Breathable Borders| Sterile & Highly Absorbent| Latex-Free


    • EASY TO USE & CHANGE: Targeted wound dressing that is completely hassle free and easy to do, much more so than regular gauze and tape. The adhesive borders help it to stay in place, absorb small leakages, and protect the affected area.
    • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: The center of our island dressing is a soft, non-stick, highly absorbent pad that provides excellent cushioning. The adhesive border does not cause skin irritations and is super easy to change without unpleasant stretching-injuring when you peel it off.
    • INDIVIDUALLY PACKED: The Medpride bordered gauzes come individually packed in peel open pouches to ensure they are in pristine condition when they arrive to you and to also ensure they remain 100% sterile.
    • A MUST HAVE FOR ANY HOUSE: Grab your pack and simply store it in your First-Aid kit at home. A perfect dressing choice for small cuts, wounds, ulcers, diabetic wounds, cysts, post-surgery wounds etc.
    • 25 POUCHES PER PACK: A value-packed deal, the Medpride island dressings come in 25 packs for all your needs. A far better alternative to buying individual patches.

    Honey Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing, Honey Would Dressing with Calcium 2″x 2″ (10 Pack) Hospital Grade Honey Patches for Faster Wound Care, Minor Burns Cuts – Latex Free


    • 10 PACK Honey Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing (2” X 2”)
    • SUPERIOR WOUND CARE– Our Medical Grade Honey Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing contains Manuka Honey and Calcium Alginate in gel form, effectively advancing wound healing faster and better. Highly recommend applying for moderate to heavy exudate wounds.
    • PROMOTE HEALING FASTER– Honey wound care dressing carries 95% medical-grade Manuka Honey to help wound healing faster. Meanwhile, the Calcium Alginate on the back layer absorbs exudates 20 times of its weight to create an optimal environment conducive to healing. Both natural ingredients work together to dramatically promote wound healing
    • EASY & COZY ON / OFF– Just clean, dry the wound then cover the honey side over the wound, secure it with secondary tape or dressing at last. The wound care pads do not stick to the wound to improve comfort during dressing changes
    • FOR MODERATE TO HEAVY EXUDATE WOUNDS– Honey Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing is great for Minor Burns, Abrasions, Lacerations, bedsores, diabetic feet, Cuts, Venous Ulcers, and other Chronic Wounds. If you have any questions about the usage, please email us at any time.
    • LATEX FREE & INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE– Our latex-free wound care products come with 10 pieces in one box. Each wound care pad size is 2″ x 2″ and wrapped individually, convenient & sanitary to store & carry. Do not use it if the inner package is damaged or open.

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    There are many reasons to buy fabric cloth adhesive wound dressing fixation products, including that it will help you save money in the long run. You can also feel confident knowing your purchase is backed by a company with excellent customer service and an easy return policy if necessary!

    Carbou Silicone Foam Dressing with Gentle Border,4″x4″ Adhesive Waterproof and High Absorbency Square Wound Care Dressing Bandage for Pressure Sore, Leg Ulcer, Diabetic Ulcer,10 Pack


    • Medical Silicone Dressing for Wound Care: Carbou silicone foam dressings are gentle and comfortable to use and can offer effective absorbency and provide the optimal healing environment for wounds. The thicker Foam Dressing Pad can cushion the pressure and protect the wound.
    • Easy to Use and Remove: The soft silicone wound contact layer can protect the wound from secondary damage when removing the dressing, and can be uncovered to observe the wound at any time. And it has enough adhesiveness to stick it on the body and will not fall off or curl.
    • Breathable and Waterproof Dressing: Semi-permeable PU film acts as a liquid barrier. The inner side locks the exudate absorbed inside the dressing, and the outer side is waterproof while allowing oxygen and water vapor to pass through.
    • Multi-layer Absorbent Structure: Highly absorbent polyurethane foam absorbs and locks a large amount of wound exudate by forming gel to reduce the risk of skin maceration. The high-strength liquid absorption capacity can ensure the service life of each piece of silicone foam dressing and reduce the frequency of dressing changes.
    • Wide Range of Uses: Suitable for post-operative wounds, bedsores, cysts, pressure sores, burns, leg venous ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, trauma, I-II degree burns, and other minor trauma. Each piece of dressing adopts individual aseptic packaging, which is convenient to use and store.

    Dimora Transparent Dressing, Waterproof Adhesive Film Dressing 4 in x 4.75 in , Pack of 50 Wound Cover for IV Shield, Tattoo Aftercare Bandage


    • Dimora Transparent Dressing is composed of a layer of adhesive transparent polyurethane film and release paper. Pre-cut design for easier application
    • Breathable: Highly breathable to allow skin to breathe and aid wound healing. Strong ductility can be used for flexible joint parts.
    • Waterproof: Excellent waterproof performance is impermeable to liquids brings safe care to wounds, no fear of showering, and safety is guaranteed.
    • Hypoallergenic Adhesive: minimizes the risk of an allergic response. Film provides gentle and secure fixation.
    • Versatile Application: Not only as a medical fixation IV and non-adhesive dressing; but also as baby’s belly button protection and tattoo aftercare

    Surgical Tape Porous Skin Soft Fabric Cloth Adhesive Tape 2″ x 10 Yards Three Rolls by Areza Medical


    • Package of three rolls. Porous Fabric (Soft Cloth) Surgical Tape. Each Roll Is Individually Wrapped. Not Sterile.
    • Less Risk Of Maceration.
    • Easy to Tear In Pieces. Perforated every two inches.
    • Optimal Adherence To Skin.
    • No Latex Used In Production.

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