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VEVOR VFD CNC Spindle Motor Kits, 110V 1.5KW Water Cooled Spindle Motor + 110V 1.5KW VFD + 110V 80W Water Pump, 80mm Water Pipe, 14pcs Collet CNC Kit, 20pcs Mill Bits for CNC Engraver


  • Technical Parameters: Spec: φ3.1 x 9.5 in (Diameter: 8 cm x Length: 24.25 cm); Power: 1.5 KW; Voltage: 110V; Current: 10A; Collet Size: ER11; Bearings: 4 bearings; Frequency: 400 Hz; Speed: 0-24000 R/min; Runout off: less than 0.05 mm. The CNC spindle motor is mainly used for engraving machine or used with frequency converter.
  • 1.5KW 110V Inverter VFD: Power: 1.5 KW; Input Voltage: 110V; Output Voltage: 110V; Input Phase: 1 phase; Output Phase: 3 phase; Input Frequency: 50 Hz; Output Frequency: 0-400 Hz; Output Current: 10A. Great match with the water cooled spindle motor.
  • Energy-efficient Water Pump: The submersible pump of this CNC spindle can achieve a high head of 3.5 m and a flow rate of 3500 L/H. It is equipped with a durable shell made of ASB plastic material. Four powerful rubber suction cups can absorb shock and prevent fall off.
  • Aluminum Spindle Clamp: The clamp of the CNC spindle motor kit is constructed of high-quality cast aluminum for sturdiness and durability. And the well-finished surface is designed to provide a better smoothness. It is high-efficiency for you to fasten the spindle.
  • Complete Accessories: With ER11 collets, milling drill bits, aviation plugs, the extension cord, and the connecting wire, this water cooled spindle 110V is widely applicable to engraving machines, lathes, mills, car hoists, pumps, conveyors, and many more.

CNC Programming Workbook – Mill & Lathe


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    CAO MTTC 107 Setup & Operate Haas CNC Machines Mill & Lathe (Mastercam Access Code)


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      WEN 33013 4.5A Variable Speed Single Phase Compact Benchtop Milling Machine with R8 Taper


      • Variable speed goes anywhere from 100 to 1,100 RPM on the low setting and 100 to 2,500 RPM on the high setting
      • 18-1/8 x 4-3/4 inch table travels 11-13/16 inches along the X-axis and 5-1/8 inches along the Y-axis
      • Bevel the head and column 45 degrees in either direction for angled cuts in metal, wood, plastic and more
      • Compact cast iron design measures in at 23-1/4 by 22 by 29-1/2 inches in size with an 8-1/2 by 15 inch foot print
      • Includes an R8 spindle taper, a pre-installed drill chuck (1/32 to 1/2 inch), fine-tune adjustment hand wheels, a transparent chuck guard, an emergency stop button, onboard measurement indicators, a 13-inch swing, two M10-1.5 T-nuts, 12mm T-slots, and a two-year warranty

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      Microprocessor CNC Shield A4988 GRBL CAD CAM CNC Mill Laser XY Plotter Software Tutorial Video


      • Design your part and control your cnc with an easy to use well integrated software.
      • Quickly learn with tutorial videos, all in the help menu.
      • To install the CH340 driver or upload the latest 1.1f firmware to the arduino just click one button.
      • Use a picture to make a real object.
      • The graphical user guide allow to quickly understand and execute tasks.



        CNC Machinist Machine Shop Lathe Mill & QC Calculators


        • 100+ CNC & QC Calculators
        • CNC Tool Nose Radius Compensation Calculators
        • CNC Threading including Acme, Unified, Metric & Trapezoidal Threads
        • CNC Tapping Calculators
        • G & M Codes & Calculators
        • CNC Speeds & Feeds Calculators
        • CNC Drilling Calculators
        • CNC Milling Calculators
        • CNC Turning Calculators
        • Trigonometry & Geometry Calculators

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        Machinist Flag Tools CNC Machine Operator Machining T-Shirt


        • This Machinist CNC Operator Metalworker Shirt with funny quote Flag Tools is a perfect birthday, retirement gift for patternmaker, apprentice in training for traditional, additive machining with tools to modify metal, plastic, wood with grinder.
        • Wear our funny Machinist apparel, clothing at work, meeting with clients, repair gears, spline with mills, lathes, ruler, square set, planer, handbook. Great gift ideas for dad, brother, uncle, son, husband, grandpa, friend.
        • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

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        Comgrow 2 in 1 ROBO CNC 3018 5000MW Laser Engraving Module Compressed Spot,GRBL Control 3 Axis CNC Router Machine Kit with Offline Controller,End Mill Bits,for Wood Glass Mirror Stainless Steel


        • 【PRE-ASSEMBLED】Comgrow ROBO CNC 5W Laser Engraving for wood stainless steel stone glass ceramics is very easy to assemble and use. JUST DO THE UNBOXING AND LOCK 6 SCREWS when receive it, then, step on your creating journey.
        • 【ULTRA-FINE COMPRESSION LASER】The laser power for this CNC laser and router machine is 5W, the high-power engraving speed is faster, and the accuracy is higher. The ultra-fine laser focus area is reduced to 0.08mm^2. The high-density laser can easily cut 4mm thick wood and black. Acrylic; can directly engrave smooth stainless steel metal and ceramics.
        • 【AUTOMATIC TOOL-SETTING】Comgrow ROBO CNC router pre assembled machine can calibrate the zero of the Z axis autonomously, with the functioning of embedded sensors
        • 【OFFLINE CONTROLLER】The Comgrow ROBO CNC router Laser machine can work without pc. ROBO supports operating without PC, THE CNC ROUTER IS EQUIPPED WITH A OFFLINE MODULE. Just transfer files to a SD card, you may begin creating and no PC needed.
        • 【COMPREHENSIVE AFTER-SALE SERVICE】 Comgrow ROBO CNC Engraving machine for metal stone wood glass Stainless Steel offer exhaustive after-sale service, you can search “Comgrow” through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and google and will easily find out our Comgrow brand page you can get more professional DIY skills from our video operation guidance but also can join our team to share every moment you work with our products with others.

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          Drop CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard — Tenkeyless TKL (87 Key) Gaming Keyboard, Hot-Swap Switches, Programmable, Backlit RGB LED, USB-C, Doubleshot PBT, Aluminum (Gray, Halo Clear)


          • A GAME-CHANGING KEYBOARD, NOW IN HIGH PROFILE: The CTRL High-Profile is just like the original CTRL, but now it comes with a tall CNC-aluminum case that covers the switches. A versatile tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard designed with input from the Drop community, it raises the bar again for mechanical keyboards.
          • PREMIUM ENGINEERING: Constructed with a tall CNC-aluminum frame with a built-in switch plate and magnetic legs, the CTRL High-Profile is rock-solid and ready for any setup.
          • HALO CLEAR SWITCHES: This CTRL model comes equipped with Halo Clear switches, which have a slight preload and a light-yet-sharp tactile bump. Primarily used for typing, Halo Clear switches gently discourage bottoming out with each keystroke.
          • HOT-SWAPPABLE SWITCH FUNCTIONALITY. Want to switch your switches? Customize the CTRL High-Profile with ease thanks to hot-swappable switch sockets, which allow you to swap switches in seconds—no soldering required.
          • OPTIMIZED PER-KEY LIGHTING WITH MILLIONS OF COLORS: The CTRL High-Profile is illuminated with fully customizable RGB backlighting and under-lighting. Set your millions of LEDs to a single color or light them up with custom rainbow wave patterns.

          Klutch Mini Milling Machine – 350 Watts, 1/2 HP, 110V


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